Find Out What Holistic Dentistry Is And How It Is Better Than Traditional

For those looking to make positive changes in their lives, they may choose to use holistic medical treatments, dentistry, change their diet, start exercising and many other beneficial things that will make their lives better. This type of lifestyle can help you maintain balance, have less stress and have a more positive outlook. This includes eating organic foods and using only natural products, which will allow toxins to leave your body.

This type of dental option is the same because the dentist looks at your entire health and how their oral health is affecting other areas of the body. This allows the dentist to find the best treatments that fit your mouth and total body needs. Treatments are also different and more helpful for the body.

Biocompatible Materials

While the treatments themselves are similar to traditional dental work, the materials used are biocompatible and free of metal and mercury. Most fillings contain mercury and are called amalgam fillings. These are considered harmful by many dentists and health professionals, but are still used in the mouth.

However, more aesthetic materials are available and can be easier on the body. While not everyone has problems with amalgam fillings, some people can experience mercury poisoning symptoms either right after or after many years of having these types of fillings.

Overall Health

Your overall health should be important to you, your medical doctor and your dentist, among others. Your body is a wonderfully magnificent specimen and if you have vowed to only give it the best, so should your healthcare professionals. This typically includes fewer medications, holistic treatments and more.

Removal of Metal/Amalgam

When you choose to have metal and amalgam removed from your teeth, there is a specific protocol that is used by most dentists. You’ll likely be supplied eye protection, which must be worn at all times. The nurse and dentist will also use protection and masks. Windows of the office will need to be opened to help with ventilation.

Your tooth will be isolated with a rubber dam, which will protect your airway and the mouth. The removal includes a cold water spray and a lot of water, which can help prevent even more problems.

Because your health and the health of the professionals are important, high-volume evacuation with traps will be used so that the debris from the metal isn’t put into the environment again.

Holistic dentistry is different than traditional options and allows you to reduce the amount of toxins in your body by using healthier materials.

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