Finding a Good Painting Contractor

If you are looking for painting services in Raleigh, Durham, or Chapel Hill, NC area, you may be a little overwhelmed by the number of contractors available. Whether you are hiring for a commercial painting job or a residential painting job, it is important to do a little research and make sure the company you are considering hiring will provide the quality work you are looking for.


A reputable residential and commercial painting company will be happy to provide you with a list of customers who can tell you about the work that was done and whether or not they were pleased. Many companies also have a portfolio of past projects for you to look through so you can see for yourself what kind of work they do. Don’t be afraid to ask.

What kind of warranty is offered? Some painting services offer up to a two-year warranty on material and labor while others don’t guarantee anything once the final inspection is complete. While you hope there are no problems, if you need to call the painting contractors back for some reason, it is nice to know what is covered.


Ask potential contractors about the prep work that they plan to do to protect your home or office.  Will they clean up daily, or will you have a mess until the job is done? Can they protect your furnishings, flooring, and trim? A quality company will spend as much time on prep work as they will on painting.


Many painting contractors will provide a written quote. You may want to ask how firm the quote is. Will they stick with the price or is it only an estimate? With this information, you can form a budget and have a good idea of what to expect.

Choosing between painting contractors can be a little overwhelming. However, by doing a little research, you can have a satisfying experience and feel good about the painting services you receive.

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