Finding an All-Inclusive Sign Company in Monterey, CA

by | Apr 5, 2016 | Businrss

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One of the very first impressions customers get of your company is the sign they see when they pull into your place of business. You never get that chance again, so it is important that when you choose a company to create your sign, you do so carefully. Finding a sign company in Monterey, CA that has been in business for a long time, has great customer reviews, and is able to take the process from beginning to end should not be a difficult task.

Does Your Sign Company Create Original Designs?

When you are deciding on a company, be sure it is able to create fully customized designs and doesn’t just use stock clip art. You do not want your business’ sign to look like every other sign in the city. Make sure the company is doing the creating, not subcontracting it out to a designer that you will not have any interaction with. Make sure the designers fully understand what impression you are trying to create.

Does It Handle the Fabrication?

Fabrication is one of the most important aspects of ordering from a sign company. Having a company that actually creates the signs on its premises is a great advantage. This way, if there are any problems, you can go right to the source. If you want to make a few adjustments to the sign, you won’t have to wait for the company to send it out for fabrication; it can be done right there. Ask what process the company uses when fabricating.  Are the signs machined or hand-crafted? Many times, this can affect the look and the price of your project.

Will It Help with Permitting?

Every city in California has its own rules and regulations about how tall, wide, and if using lighting, bright a sign can be. Business owners will not usually have knowledge of what ordinances are in place. Find a company that will do the permitting for you. This way you can make sure your sign fits all of the necessary regulations and passes all of the necessary inspections.

Finding a good sign company may take some research, but remember, you are creating an image and a brand for your company. Find a company that does everything in-house, and ask if the company has a consultation team that can help you create the exact type of sign you are looking for. You may have a great design in your head, but if you don’t have the skills to draw it out effectively, a good consultation team can make sure the image you have actually made it onto the sign.

Your sign is a reflection of your business, and Signs by Van will put your brand in centre stage. Contact us today.

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