Finding the Right Dentist in Chanhassen

Not all dentists are the same, which is essential to understand as you begin looking for one. It would be best to have someone who can take care of your needs and who you feel comfortable with. Most people dread the dentist; don’t make it harder by going to a place where you can’t relax. Put some effort into searching, and you will find the outcome is much better.


If you have dental insurance, you need to find out who accepts it. You can’t go to just any Dentist in Chanhassen and hope they are an in-network provider. Most of the time, your dental insurance company will have a list of its providers online. You can go through them and see whom you would like to take care of your dental needs. If the insurance allows you to go to any dentist, you can explore with free rein.

General Dentist

Finding a general dentist is an excellent place to start. They can take care of cleaning your teeth, x-rays, and an oral exam. It is a good idea to find a general dentist who will take your entire family. Not all dentists will accept children, but many of them do. It can be a great feeling to know one dentist is taking care of the needs of all of you. If you need a dentist for your child, this can narrow down your options. There are some wonderful dentists in Chanhassen dedicated to taking care of the whole family’s dental needs.


You may need a dentist who is a specialist. They offer advanced treatment options, including orthodontics or cosmetic dentistry. Your general dentist may refer you to a specialist for treatments they cannot handle. You can also go directly to a specialist on your own to ask questions and see what they offer. Your insurance often won’t cover specialists if they deem the service to be optional rather than necessary. For example, teeth whitening is considered optional.

Accepting New Patients

When you are ready to evaluate the list to find a dentist, call and ask who is taking new patients, this only takes a moment for the receptionist to tell you. If they say yes, ask if they accept your insurance to make sure.

Next, ask if you can schedule a consultation to come in and talk. Doing so gives you a chance to explore the office, meet the staff, and ask any questions you may have. That information can help you pick the dentist you would like to see for your ongoing dental care or your specialty needs. If you are looking for the right family dentist, Chanhassen Family Dentistry is the perfect clinic. Visit them online for more information!

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