Fishing Hooks Malaysia

There is a wide array of fishing hooks Malaysia has available. In order to know what one is best for you, it is important to think about your experience in angling, the kind of fishing you want to do and the environment you will be fishing in. Here are a few examples of the fish hooks you can get from Seahawk Fishing and how they can be suited to your particular angling needs.

Beak hook

A beak hook uses a reversed point on the hook in order to improve the hold. Our beak hooks are forged and made from high carbon.


A baitholder hook has a pattern with extra barbs on the shank. This helps to prevent the bait from sliding down on the hook and obscuring the point of the hook. Our baitholder hooks are ringed, forged with slices and made from bronze.

Chinu hook

Chinu hooks are specifically crafted to catch chinu, a species of bream that is said to be a very combative species of fish. In order to deal with this particular prize fish our chinu hooks are made from forged stainless steel.

Choosing the right hook

There are a number of hooks to choose from in various shapes. They should be large enough to hold a chunky size of bait and be able to get into a fish’s mouth. We offer a diverse range of hooks to cater for a variety of anglers, both in terms of experience and the kind of fishing they do. To find out more please contact Seahawk Fishing today.

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