Five Benefits Of Using Kitting Services

The pre-assembly of components for larger parts often comprises one step in a larger manufacturing process. This demanding process – referred to as kitting services, is often contracted or sub-contracted out. It is the compiling of individual components for a product into a single package or kit. Third-party logistic (3PL) companies usually handle this task of packaging and delivering the parts. OEMs and other manufacturers eagerly embrace this practice realizing it proves beneficial to their production capacity and productivity.

Five Benefits

Several benefits arise from allowing someone else to assemble, organize, and deliver the required component parts to the right production line. The major five benefits accruing from kitting services consist of the following:

  1. Time: Time is saved instead of wasted looking for the right components or waiting for the right shipments to arrive, followed by the sorting of parts from various sources
  2. Productivity: Optimizes assembly, therefore reducing downtime and increasing productivity
  3. Storage Space: Inventory occupies space and demands time for stocking, checking and the pulling of the required parts
  4. Cost Reduction: This reduces freight costs as well as labor expenses and money spent on administrative chores
  5. Increased Efficiency: Each kit contains everything that each product/project requires.

Accurate and Efficient Kitting Services

By relying on kitting services, manufacturers can improve their efficiency and manage time more effectively. Decreased costs in labor and administration are two other positives. Overall, by hiring kitting service company, manufacturers can improve their overall productivity and, hence, competitiveness in the marketplace.

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