Five Major Advantages of Installing Crystalline Window Tint

When you purchase a vehicle from a manufacturer, it has a basic window tint. These tints aren’t equipped to protect your car from solar rays and reject heat. They don’t provide the privacy and safety you’re looking for when traveling either.

When a protective film-like crystalline window tint is added, it makes your vehicle more comfortable and better protects your car’s interior.

UV Shielding

UV shielding is the number one benefit you’ll get from using a crystalline window tint. UV rays not only increase the risk of skin damage and cancer when you’re exposed to them, but they can cause discoloration and fading to your vehicle’s seats and dashboard over time, devaluing your car. Using tints can block these harmful rays from entering your vehicle.

Heat Proofing

A crystalline window tint also keeps your car cooler by blocking infrared rays during the grueling hot summers, increasing your air conditioner’s efficiency. 3M automotive window films-crystalline series offer protection as high as SPF 1700, which is significant in keeping you and other passengers safe.

No Purpling

Window tints can turn purple over time, which decreases your car’s appeal. They also block glare from blinding sunlight, so you can maintain focus while driving. Crystalline tints don’t turn purple, and they maintain their scratch-proof quality.

Passes Signals

Crystalline tints combine 200 layers of nanotechnology films into one thin covering. Since they don’t contain any metal, they can easily pass through Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, and satellite radio.

Shatter Protection

Installing crystalline tints provides reinforcements for windows, reducing the chances of your car’s window shattering in case of an automobile accident. Tints also make windows scratch-proof.

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