Florida Dealership Inventory Workflows Go More Digital than Ever

Keeping track of motor vehicles is a very difficult proposition, especially for larger dealerships that might experience a turnover of hundreds of cars or trucks in an average week. That’s why a number of Florida-based businesses have reported that they’re turning to automotive inventory management software applications to do the heavy lifting for them.

These programs can sort vehicles by make, model, year or even VIN codes if necessary. Some have gone on record saying that using automotive inventory management software has helped to reduce the chances of a particular vehicle being lost or stolen.

Even those who don’t have major concerns about theft or other types of loss have found that the software does help them save a great deal of money. Single-owner dealerships have traditionally run into issues where an individual might not know what bay a car is stored in. Simply tapping a couple of details into a computer interface can help these dealers find the car that they’re looking for.

Others are finding additional ways to migrate their daily workflows to a digital environment. For instance, some people have found that they can export their inventory and use it with their accounting software to keep track of vehicle taxes. While sellers traditional two and four-door sedans have been among the most enthusiastic adopters of this technology, it’s also turning heads in the RV and motorcycle sectors.

Individuals interested in learning more about how automotive inventory management software works can visit www.everlogic.com.

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