Follow These Three Tips for Proper RV Storage in Sandpoint, Idaho

Your RV is precious to you and it’s an investment so it’s no surprise that you’ll want to make sure it’s protected while in storage. Residents of Sandpoint often build their own storage unit if they have enough land. If not, they may look for a facility that can handle RV storage in Sandpoint, ID. Either way, here are three things to consider when storing your RV.

Clean your RV from head to toe.

You don’t want to store a dirty rig. All that dirt and grime will be very hard to wash off after it has sat on your RV in storage for a while. Save yourself some trouble and wash your RV all over, including the roof, before you store it.

Make sure you have proper ventilation.

Sandpoint gets it’s fair share of rain and when it’s warm, that makes the environment humid. Without proper ventilation in an RV storage in Sandpoint, ID, mold and mildew can grow in your rig. This will be a pain in the rear to get rid of once you pull your RV out of storage.

Make sure it’s secured properly.

No one wants to think about it, but there are dishonest people in the world. Unfortunately if your rig isn’t properly secured, they may try (and succeed) to steal it. Make sure you have a good security system of some type in place.

Using these three tips will help you to store your RV safely. If you want to have your own storage unit built in Sandpoint or surrounding areas, Town and Country Builders, Inc. has you covered.

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