For Those Looking for Tin Ceiling Installation in Long Island, NY

by | Dec 14, 2017 | Construction and Maintenance

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If there are people who are interested in remodeling their homes and want to add excitement to their homes, there are contractors who install different types of ceilings. For example, instead of just going for the ordinary replacement or installation of a plain white ceiling, there are tin ceilings that customers can get which will add Old World elegance to their homes. A contractor who does Tin Ceiling Installation in Long Island NY offers customers the benefits of various types of tin ceiling designs. Here is a look at some of the tin ceiling designs.

Tin Ceiling Designs

Most of what is known as “tin ceilings” are really just some other metal that is coated with tin, for example, a thin sheet of steel coated with the tin is known as the standard tin ceiling. Beyond this standard design, there are many variations that can be opted for, according to the specific look the customer is going for. Some tin ceilings are made of a brass plated tin material, which gives the ceiling a Victorian look. Other tin ceilings are made of solid copper, which is another dazzling variety for those who want the look of the Old World.

More on Tin Ceiling Designs

Another popular design for tin ceilings is the chrome plated design, which may give the appearance of art deco or perhaps even the Gothic period. Customers can also go for the pre-painted white design, or instead of solid copper, they may choose copper-plated. Either way, the intent of the tin ceiling design is to give the home an antique flavor. There are many contractors who offer this popular ceiling design for their customers.

A Contractor for Tin Ceiling Installation

Abingdon Construction has been providing tin ceiling solutions for customers in the Long Island, New York area for almost 100 years, and the physical company is located in Brooklyn, New York. In addition to tin ceilings, customers can also have their kitchen remodeled, and there is a gallery where the contractor keeps different designs and looks. If there are any residential or commercial customers in need of Tin Ceiling Installation in Long Island NY, the contractor is available. The owners invite potential customers to “contact us to set up an appointment at”

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