Ford Flex; A Modern Take On The Old Station Wagon

Years ago the favorite people mover was a station wagon, lots of room for the kids, the pets and all the gear needed to enjoy a day out at the beach. A Ford Flex in Oak Lawn is today’s version of what was a very popular family car. The Flex has three rows of seats as standard and can easily seat seven people with room to spare.

The Ford Flex is quite unique, it certainly isn’t a high riding SUV nor is it a conventional height wagon; its box shape is very distinctive. Not much has changed in the eight years it has been on showroom floors and that in itself speaks highly for the vehicle. The Ford Flex is definitely a car for people with kids, plenty of easy to clean plastic is used in the cabin, from the dashboard right through the cargo area.

Although the Ford Flex in Oak Lawn has not been refreshed much it is still right up there with “must have” features such as a touchscreen infotainment center touch sensitive dash controls and an easy to see dash cluster with all the gauges that are needed.

Low is good for people with children:

Some people might be turned off with the amount of plastic that is used throughout the interior. For people with little children with jam covered hands this is actually a welcome feature. The interior can be cleaned with little more than a damp cloth. And talking about little ones, the fact that the Ford Flex is low to the ground makes it easy to climb into and out of.

When the back seat row is folded down there is plenty of cargo space, fold down both the rear and middle rows and there is a massive 83 cubic feet of space. Even if all three rows are full of people, there is still plenty of space behind the rear seat.

There is little doubt that a Ford Flex in Oak Lawn is the ideal family vehicle. Take your family out to Hawk Ford in Oak Lawn, take a Ford Flex for a test drive and see how well everyone fits.

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