Four Common Issues Handled by a Water Heater Repair Service in Peoria, AZ

For most homeowners, water heaters fall under the category of appliances that are out of sight and out of mind until something goes wrong. When something does go wrong, though, taking action and calling a Water Heater Repair Service in Peoria AZ immediately can make the difference between inexpensive repairs and having to replace the entire unit. Below are a few of the most common warning signs of a system malfunction that homeowners should be looking out for.

Too Little Hot Water

Water heaters that aren’t producing sufficient hot water to meet the household’s needs can often be fixed by homeowners themselves, who can simply turn the temperature up on their thermostats. It’s important that they not turn the temperature up too high, though, as it can become a scalding hazard. Those who find that this simple solution doesn’t help may want to call a repair service to determine whether their units are malfunctioning or may be too small to meet the family’s needs.

No Hot Water At All

If the water heater is gas-fired, the cause might be as simple as a blown-out pilot light. However, thermocouples can also be to blame, and fixing these requires the help of a professional repair technician. This job is pretty easy and shouldn’t cost much, so call a Water Heater Repair Service in Peoria AZ to have it addressed as soon as possible.

Unpleasant Odors

If the hot water smells bad when it comes out of the tap, the unit may have been infiltrated by bacteria. The first step to take in this circumstance is to flush the tank and fill it with a watered-down hydrogen peroxide solution. Leave this solution in the tank for around two hours then flush it clean. If the water still smells, it’s time to call a repair tech.

Tank Leaks

Unfortunately, leaky water tanks usually can’t be fixed and must be replaced instead. Although replacing an old water tank may come at a higher up-front cost, it’s essential that property owners not put off this important task, as a small leak can quickly turn into serious water damage. Contractors like those at Arctic Fox Air Conditioning & Heating can help homeowners find a new unit to replace their damaged one. Like us on Facebook.

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