Free Bail Advice in Forney TX for Families of Defendants With Bipolar Disorder

Advocates for mentally ill individuals protest the concept that these people are more likely to engage in criminal behavior. Unfortunately, research confirms that at least one mental illness, bipolar disorder, is connected with increased criminal activity. The episodes tend to happen during the manic phase of the disorder when the person is behaving impulsively and irrationally. Free Bail Advice in Forney TX is available for the families of bipolar patients who have been arrested and brought to jail.

Relevant Statistics

A study published in 2015 found that the population of prison inmates who are bipolar is significantly higher than in the general population, up to 7 percent in some cases. The prevalence is about 1 percent in the general population, according to the Mental Health Research Association.

Alcohol and Drug Abuse

The finding that bipolar patients are more likely than the general population to commit a crime is controversial. Researchers have clarified that the increased tendency to break the law is mainly associated with patients who are also abusing a mind-altering substance like alcohol or cocaine. The prevalence of alcohol and drug addiction is significantly higher among bipolar individuals than it is among people in general.

These individuals need medical treatment and counseling. Being locked in jail can make the situation dramatically worse. Their families will want to request Free Bail Advice in Forney TX so they can free their loved one as soon as possible.

Mania and Criminal Activity

Bipolar patients who are convicted of criminal activity mostly have recurrent manic episodes. They may even commit violent offenses like robbery or assault during mania. Men and women who have a stronger tendency toward depressive episodes are more likely to inflict self-harm, including committing suicide.

The family may Contact AAA Bail Bonds to apply for a surety bond that will allow the defendant to be released. Immediately afterward, they can start getting psychiatric care for this person. A temporary stay in a psychiatric hospital or an alcohol and drug rehab facility may be advisable. At a minimum, the person should be evaluated by a psychiatrist, after which the patient may receive a prescription for anti-psychotic medication.

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