Frequently Asked Questions About Clogged Drains And Drain Cleaning

If you have a persistent clog in your sink, drain, and you can’t seem to get it cleared, contact a professional who provides expert drain cleaning services. To learn about drain problems and how you can clear a clogged drain for good, read the frequently asked questions below.

Q.) What causes stubborn clogs to form in the sink and bathtub drains?
A.) The most common reason why kitchen sink drains become clogged is due to food and grease being poured down the drain. Grease attaches to the sides of the plumbing pipes and food particles become lodged in the grease. This causes a buildup in the pipes and prevents the water from draining. In the bathroom sink and tub drains, soap fragments and hair attach to each other and forms a ball. If the drain isn’t cleared, the clog becomes bigger and eventually the water is unable to drain down the pipes.

Q.) What are the steps a homeowner needs to take to clear a sink clog?
A.) If the clog isn’t very big, a homeowner can use a plunger to try and release the clog, so it washes down the pipes. It’s not recommended for a homeowner to pour a chemical drain cleaner down into the drain because this can possibly corrode the drain pipes. If a homeowner cannot free the clog, a call to a plumber who specializes in drain cleaning is necessary. A plumber can use a special tool called a drain auger to chop up the drain clog. The plumber places a metal coil down into the drain and as the coil turns, the sharp blades on the end of the coil cuts the clog up into small pieces.

Q.) How can a homeowner keep from getting frequent drain clogs?
A.) To prevent hair and soap residue from going down bathroom drains, homeowners can place a mesh screen over the drain opening. Homeowners can keep their kitchen sink clear from clogs by keeping grease and food from going down the sink drain.

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