Full Face Threading in Chicago: The Secret Way Celebs Stay Ageless

The general signs of aging happen to everyone, including sexy supermodels and actresses, but how do they always look so youthful? Today, the advancements in the science of beauty have become sophisticated with non-surgical procedures that can deliver transformative results. Consider full face threading in Chicago. It’s a single and safe procedure that doesn’t require a scalpel or downtime to recover.

Stop Sagging Facial Contours

Gravity pulls the skin downward as a person ages. When young, the skin contains more collagen and elastin to keep the facial contours firm and plump. Sagging skin makes everyone look older and even tired. That’s why a thread facelift is an incredible aesthetic option. It’s a subtle procedure performed by a skincare expert that tightens and lifts the face to rejuvenate the facial contours.

Face threading typically lasts anywhere from one to two years, and the procedure also enhances fresh collagen production. Fans of the treatment say it’s a cost-effective, cosmetic solution.

15 to 45 Minutes Later and Wow!

A face threading procedure is a cosmetic technique that uses barbed threads to snag and lift the skin. Your surgeon will place these small surgical threads under the skin. The threads will hold the tissue in place to provide a subtle tightening and lifting effect. The results will create a more defined jawline and bring youthful volume to the face.

A local anesthetic is used during the procedure, and there is no pain or discomfort for the patient.

The threads are safe for a person’s skin and have been specially developed to break down over time and be absorbed by the body.

Gaining Natural-Looking, Youthful Benefits

Some people don’t want a surgical facelift or need something that drastic. A full face threading in Chicago gives another aesthetic option for attaining subtle, ageless results. Some benefits include tighter, smoother facial skin, a softening of wrinkles, especially at the nasolabial folds and an increase in natural collagen production.

Patients also mention a boost in self-esteem. They feel better about themselves and more confident when entering a room.

If you’re interested in full face threading done beautifully, contact the fine professionals today at the Liposuction And Cosmetic Surgery Institute. Visit LipoDoc.com for more information!

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