Gaining Your Confidence Back After Breast Cancer

Breast cancer takes a toll on a woman’s body and mental health, as well. After chemo therapy and radiation, a woman might notice changes in her body. Many women feel insecure about their bodies after a mastectomy. There are a couple of ways to help build back confidence after this surgery.

What is a Mastectomy

A mastectomy is a surgery that a doctor will perform if the breast cancer is advanced enough and aggressive. The surgeon can either remove all the breast tissue and muscles, or leave some of it intact. Once a mastectomy is done, it can’t be reversed. No matter what form of mastectomy is done, the nipple is removed from the breast. Some women have no option on whether they should have a mastectomy, while other women elect to have one done for preventative measures.

Breast Reconstruction

Women can choose to have a breast reconstruction after a mastectomy if they would like to. This procedure can help women regain confidence in their body and life. If there are no serious health risks, a surgeon can perform a breast reconstruction right after the mastectomy is done; usually all as one procedure. If a woman chooses to either wait or there are health risks, this procedure can be put off until the time is right or the patient is ready.

Usually, a patient can choose from either silicone breast implants or a flap reconstruction. For the silicone implants, the process can take months. They will keep injecting the patient with silicone during appointments and checkups until the desired results are met. For flap reconstruction, the surgeon will take other tissue from the body to build a breast. They will typically take tissue from the back, thighs, butt, or stomach. When having a breast reconstruction, they might even build new nipples and areolas. There are highly qualified plastic surgeons to perform a breast reconstruction in Houston.

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