Garage Door Won’t Open? Call for Garage Door Service in Marysville WA

by | Feb 28, 2019 | Garage Door Supplier

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Most homes in the United States are built with attached garages. Homeowners love the convenience of unloading groceries in a dry space when it’s raining. They also love the security of staying in a locked car until the garage door is closed. When the garage door stops working, it is a major inconvenience. If the car is inside the garage it may mean being late for work. If the car is outside the garage, it might mean a long walk with heavy grocery bags. However, homeowners can find convenient and reliable Garage Door Service in Marysville, WA to quickly get it working properly.

Usually when a garage door won’t open, it’s because the garage door opener needs to be fixed or replaced. Garage door openers are graded by the number of times they can open and close a door. If the garage door wears out frequently, the homeowner should consider having a technician from a Garage Door Service in Marysville WA company install a longer-lasting model. This often happens as a family grows up. Toddlers have very little impact on the times the garage door is opened, but teenagers are often in and out of the garage. Their sports equipment is often stored there and they may practice their musical instruments in that space.

If a homeowner hears a squeaking or screeching sound, that is usually the motor of the garage door opener. However, there are several additional things that can go wrong. The garage door is made up of panels that are held together by hinges. It the hinges that give the garage door its flexibility. If these hinges get rusty, then it’s difficult for the garage door opener to pull the door up. As part of an annual maintenance plan, the technician from the Garage Door Service in Marysville, WA will clean and oil the hinges. It will then easily glide up to the ceiling.

Overhead Door Company Of Everett Inc. is one of the companies that installs and maintains garage doors and garage door openers. They will carefully evaluate your home and your family’s needs to install the perfect garage door They will then set up a maintenance plan to minimize any problems. Visit for more information.

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