Get A Great Group Medical Insurance Plan That Will Not Break The Bank

by | Nov 27, 2014 | Insurance

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Across the country it is Open-Enrollment season for many Group Medical Insurance recipients. It can be very arduous and expensive in trying to determine the right medical insurance plan that will fit your budget as well as provide the coverage you and your family needs. Most plans have pages and pages of fine print that makes it impossible to remain engaged in reading all the information. In addition to the fine print, additional costs that are not printed can become costly once a plan is selected. In many cases unless you have a major qualifying event that will allow you to update or switch your plan, you are stuck with it for an entire year. If you are searching for a reliable Group Medical Insurance Plan and you have little time to explore your options, visit and discover the Olsommer-Clarke Insurance Group.

With over 40 years of comprehensive insurance coverage, Olsommer-Clarke offers customized insurance plans for corporations as well as individuals and families. They also simplify the selection process by listening to the customer’s needs and providing advice on the best plan options that are available. Olsommer-Clarke strives to maintain a personal touch with its customers and provide follow up advice to each client.

In addition to Group Medical Insurance, they also provide Auto insurance to include classic cars. Olsommer-Clarke also offers Disability, Farm Owners, Homeowners, Renters as well as Life Insurance and a plethora of other policies. Risk-free personal and business quotes are provided to potential customers. They also provide 24 hour claims assistance to ensure timely processing. There is also a monthly newsletter that keeps clients abreast of the latest happenings in the Insurance arena as well as what is happening in the community.

View their Frequently Asked Questions and Helpful Link section on their website to become familiar with the process of selecting the right plan for you and your family. If you happen to live near one of their three available offices in Pennsylvania, give them a call today and begin your enrollment process and start using your benefits once the new year begins. You will be pleased that you did. For more for visit us.

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