Get Enrolled in a Medicare Policy in Surprise That’s Beneficial for You

Before you turn 65, you should begin thinking about your medical coverage and how you’re going to pay for prescriptions that you might need. For most people, Medicare is the first option that’s available unless you have a private insurance policy. Here are a few things to keep in mind if you’re enrolling in the program for the first time.


The first thing to find out about is when you can enroll in Medicare in Surprise, AZ as there is usually a set period of time when the application process is open. You usually have about seven months including the three months before turning 65 and the three months after turning 65 to enroll. If you receive Social Security Benefits, then you’re usually automatically enrolled in Medicare when you reach the eligible age.

Delaying Enrollment

If you have a private insurance policy or if you want to work past the age of 65, then you can ask if you can delay enrolling in Medicare in Surprise, AZ. You could also delay enrolling if you’re covered under a spouse’s insurance policy. An advisor can look into the rules of the program so that you have the medical coverage that you need without any additional fees and to prevent going without coverage for a few months.

Extra Coverage

Aside from routine medical care, you can usually add coverage for vision and dental if these are things that you need. You can get prescription drug coverage as well, which is beneficial if you take a lot of medications each month.

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