Getting An Accurate LTL Quote

by | May 8, 2017 | Transport & Logistics

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There are a lot of challenges for a business not familiar with trucking and freight services to obtain and accurate quote for LTL or Less Than Truckload shipping requirements.

A less than truckload shipment is typically going to weight over one hundred and fifty pounds and less than twenty thousand pounds. Items that are less than one hundred and fifty pounds, which is seventy kilograms, can be shipped using ground-based delivery services. There are also some measurements and size considerations that may make it impossible to ship even lighter items using ground delivery services.

Weight and Size for an LTL Quote

It will be important to know the weight and the dimensions of the material you need to ship for any LTL quote. While it may be counterintuitive, it is common practice for the actual rate to decrease, as the weight of the LTL shipment increases.

For some companies that may ship multiple LTL loads, this can be an important factor. By combining shipments or decreasing the frequency of shipments and shipping more each time, it is possible to cut the costs of LTL shipping.

At the same time, the measurements or the physical space on the truck the load will occupy is also factored into the quote. Usually, there will be a penalty or an adjustment if the truck arrives at the dock and the weight or measurement provided is less than the actual size and weight during loading.

Solutions to Issues

To avoid these types of issues, use standardized packaging whenever possible. This includes palletizing loads and using shrink wrap to ensure a consistent, dependable size for each LTL shipment without any surprises.

Another very important consideration is to use a 3PL provider for your LTL quote and shipment requirements. These companies have a full network of trucking services so they can find the most cost effective and practical solution for your less than truckload shipping needs.

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