Gynaecology – Debunking Contraception Myths

One responsibility of professionals in gynaecology is to debunk several of the most common contraception myths. This allows people to make an informed choice. Without understanding what is factual, and which is not only fiction but also downright mythology, it is not possible to choose a contraception method that will prove to be effective and suitable. Gynaecologists must clearly inform them of their options.

Contraception Myths

Some very effective methods to prevent pregnancy do exist. Others are not actually operative contraceptives at all. They do not prevent pregnancy. Yet, some people still believe that it is possible to avoid pregnancy if:

1. You have sex only during a partner’s period
2. You stand up during the process
3. He interrupts by withdrawing
4. The morning after pill is taken later than the “morning after”
5. This is the first time the woman has ever had sex
6. She douches, takes a shower immediately afterward and/or does not have an orgasm
7. The woman is breastfeeding

Even for the pill, misinformation continues to exist. Women need to understand it may not work immediately. It will depend upon the individual’s hormonal strengths and physical response. Like any other medication, just any pill will not do. Nor will ignoring the instructions. A woman must also not assume missing a pill does not reduce the level of protection.

While some individuals may continue to believe these contraception myths, gynecologists in Salt Lake City know otherwise. They must work with their clients to ensure they understand what methods actually work and how.

Gynaecology and Contraception Methods

Your gynaecologist in Salt Lake City knows the different forms of contraception. He or she can work with you to decide whether a condom, the pill or a vasectomy will be more suitable. Make sure you understand what works and what does not. This is one of the many roles gynaecology, and its practitioners must fulfill.

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