Hail Causes a Need for Car Dent Removal in Saint Paul, MN and Denver, CO

Hailstorms are relatively common reasons for people needing vehicle dent repair. Sometimes the damage is substantial due to hail the size of golf balls or larger. In other cases, the ice was only the size of marbles, but the resulting dents still mar the appearance of an automobile. A company with locations in two separate regions might provide car dent removal in Saint Paul, MN, and Denver, CO.

Hail Alley

In the Denver area, hail most commonly falls in May and June, but it’s been reported from April through October. The easternmost section of the Southern Rocky Mountains is considered part of “hail alley,” which extends as far south as New Mexico and Texas. Area residents know that one day, they may need car auto hail damage repair in Denver, CO.

Unpredictable Episodes

The occurrence is erratic and unpredictable, though. The state of Colorado experienced multiple severe hailstorms from 2017 through 2019 but has had significantly fewer incidents since then. When ice does fall from the sky, many people need car auto hail damage repair in Denver, CO.

The Twin Cities

The Twin Cities aren’t in hail alley, but the area still experiences many of these weather incidents every year. Here, the ice chunks are most frequent in the summertime and are usually connected with severe thunderstorms. Car dent removal in Saint Paul, MN, is provided by qualified technicians who make the vehicle look as it did before the storm. Find contact details for Hail Medic along with other information about the business. For more information follow them on Facebook.

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