Have You Talked to a Slip and Fall Accident Lawyer About Your Accident?

In some instances, slip and fall accident cases do not prevail because a lack of preparation. When you fall on another person’s property, you cannot assert a claim unless you can demonstrate four significant elements. If you cannot prove these elements, you really do not have a lawsuit.

What You Must Prove

Before you try to claim damages, you need to speak to a slip and fall accident lawyer first. He or she can review your claim and make sure that each element is included in the lawsuit. These elements consist of the following:

* The claim must show that there was an obligation or duty on the defendant’s part and that he or she owned and operated the premises on which the fall occurred.
* The lawsuit must also show that the defendant did know, or should have known, that a condition existed that could harm people visiting the property.
* The claim must prove, as well, that a dangerous condition existed, not just a small defect.
* It should also be shown that the plaintiff had to sue for damages because of the danger that existed.

Work with a Proven Professional

As you can see, obtaining assistance from a slip and fall accident lawyer is imperative if you want to prove and win a settlement. Work with a legal professional who is well recognized in the field, understands the elements of a slip and fall case, and knows how to show and prove them to the court.

If you have slipped and fallen on someone’s property and have suffered injuries, make sure that you have documentation in the form of medical reports and treatments to back you up. To begin the legal process, contact a law firm such as Michael D. Shook, Attorney at Law, in Torrance, CA. You can contact the firm at 310-328-6650. You can also visit the firm’s website at. Do not let a fall trip you up in your legal defense. Contact a competent attorney today. You can pay a visit us to Facebook page for more information!

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