Healthy Snacking With Pork Skin Chews For Dogs

Keeping their dogs healthy and happy is a key focus for pet owners. Finding ways for dogs to enjoy their natural chewing behaviors while staying safe and not gnawing on things they should not touch is simple if pork skin chews for dogs become part of the daily routine.

The Problems With Rawhide

Most dog owners are well aware of the dangers of rawhide chews. As much as 15% of rawhide remains undigested in a dog’s body 24-hours after being ingested. This sodden, soggy mass can easily become an obstruction in the stomach or intestines, which can result in the need for surgery to remove the mass.

The wet rawhide also becomes very easy to bite and rip off of the chew. These pieces can easily cause choking problems in smaller dogs, and larger dogs may simply swallow the rawhide chew when it becomes small enough. This creates a choking hazard which can be life-threatening.

By using baked pork skin, a process to remove about 70% of the fat, then shaping the chew into braids, knots, rolls, twists or even pig ear shapes, the dog has a healthy treat to work of his or her nature chewing needs while also avoiding all of the problems of rawhide.

The Benefits of Pork Chews

As with any chew, it is important to limit the number of pork skin chews for dogs to one a day. This will ensure the dog gets the chewing satisfaction and also the extra nutrients, vitamins, and minerals found in pork skin and the other healthy ingredients.

Quality pork skin chews for dogs are fully consumed by the pet and, since they are very different from rawhide, they have an extremely limited risk of choking, but it is still recommended to always supervise the pet. Additionally, in 24 hours these chews are fully digested, which means no risk of digestive problems for your pet.

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