Heating and Cooling Service in Palatine Will Keep Your Home Comfortable All Year Round

The rapidly changing weather patterns of the Midwest can really overwork a heating and cooling system. One day there could be cold winds and the next day might be record heat. Remaining comfortable in your home begins with regular maintenance by a heating and cooling service in Palatine. Businesses and homes need to keep the temperature comfortable inside for family, employees, or customers. Summer is only a short time away and now is the perfect time to have the air conditioning or geothermal unit checked by a highly trained HVAC technician. A properly operating system will reduce energy costs for a home or business throughout the year.

A Heating and Cooling Service in Palatine can provide:

* Installation of residential or commercial new construction and replacement systems

* Repair of special systems in restaurants and retirement centers

* Industrial services that include repair and installation of direct and indirect fired units, kitchen equipment and chillers

* Walk-in, reach-in, and large freezer installation or repair

* Cooling tower, generators, boilers, water source heat pumps, rooftop equipment radiant heat and other package unit repairs or replacement

* Residential services for heat pumps, generators, gas furnaces, boilers, radiant heat, and air conditioners

Energy costs continue to rise, and a properly maintained system will reduce the cost. Another solution to rising energy bills is to consider the installation of a geothermal system. These systems can use 40-60% less energy than a conventional system because they use the temperature of the earth instead of the air surrounding the home. It can deliver comfortable air all year round and is environmentally friendly. The ground source heat pumps make the transfer of hot or cool air much more efficient.

Another way to save on energy costs is with the use of a solar hot water system. These units have a proven technology that can reduce an owner’s energy costs and consumption. The water will be at the same temperature as a traditional system delivers. A tankless hot water system will ensure the home has hot water and is an investment that can pay for itself over a short amount of time. Please feel free to browse Five Star Heating & Air, Inc website and learn more energy-saving tips.

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