Help for Back Pain in Jacksonville

Are you looking for help with back pain in Jacksonville area? You are not alone. Back pain is one of the most common ailments because while medical science is always making great leaps when it comes to understanding the human body they are still a little behind when it comes to the spine and back. Back pain can be something of a mystery but that does not mean you should suffer. There is help available and you should take advantage of it.

What Causes Back Pain?
Once medical problems like kidney issued are ruled out there can be a slew of reason that you are in pain:

  • Soft tissue pain
  • Muscle pain
  • Skeletal pain
  • Joint pain

There are plenty of things that can go wrong with your back that can result in pain. In many cases diagnosing the problem can be difficult treatment options even with a positive diagnosis can be limited and the best hope is to get out of pain. The problem with back pain is that there really is no way to “rest” the back. It is responsible for keeping your torso up right and it carries the bulk of your body weight. Resting your back usually does not help much. If you sprain and ankle or a wrist you can rest it by not using it and it will help to heal quickly and relieve the pain. Unless you can literally lay face down for a few weeks you are not likely going to be able to not use your back.

The cause can be a full range of issues with some of them listed above. They can all be happening at once as is often with back injuries. You do not injure the tissue or pull a muscle. It is usually a combination of issues that is causing the pain. In other words, fixing one issue does not mean that all the pain will be gone which is why pain management has to be part of the plan.

Get the Help You Need
If you suffer from any type of back pain you should know that there is help. Whether you have skeletal pain, deep tissue pain, muscular issues, arthritis or joint problems there is help that can let you live your life comfortably. No matter what type of back pain you are suffering with there is a solution that is available to manage the pain.

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