Help Your Child Have Healthy Teeth. Visit The Pediatric Specialist in Bellevue NE Twice A Year

by | Jul 22, 2014 | Dental Services

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Did you know that thumb sucking and bedtime bottles can cause serious damage to your little ones teeth? Baby bottle tooth decay and open bite malocclusion’s are dental problems that can lead to dental problems that may effect your children for the rest of their lives. A pediatric specialist in Bellevue NE can help keep your child’s teeth healthy. Here are a few facts that you may not know about baby bottle tooth decay and open bite malocclusion’s.

Baby Bottle Tooth Decay
When you send your baby to bed with bottles filled with sweetened liquids, including milk and juices, those sugars remain in your babies mouth all night long. As the sugars sit on the teeth, they begin to eat away at the soft enamel. Eventually your babies teeth will become so decayed that the dentist may need to extract the teeth. To prevent baby bottle tooth decay, you should only send your baby to bed with bottles of clear water.

Open Bite Malocclusion’s
Prolonged thumb sucking can lead to the malformation of your child’s mouth and teeth. As your child sucks on their thumb, the thumb presses up into roof of the mouth. It also presses out on the top teeth and in on the bottom teeth. The result is an open bite in which the teeth do not close together even when the jaw is clenched tightly shut. To repair the damage, your child will need to wear braces for at least two years. A palatal expander will also have to be installed on the roof of the mouth to expand the palate and reshape your child’s mouth.

To prevent damage to your childs teeth, you should limit the amount of sweetened fluids that your child drinks from a bottle. You should also encourage your child to stop sucking their thumb while they are still young. The pediatric specialist in Bellevue NE will provide you with tips for how to keep your child’s teeth healthy. You should take your child to the dentist at least twice a year for checkups and professional cleanings. With regular dental care, your child will have strong, healthy teeth. Visit The Dental Office Of George M. Rakes for more information.

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