Helpful Information on Commercial Bed Bug Treatment

Though bed bugs can infest any business, they are most common in hotels. These pesky bugs can hide in mattresses, carpeting and even in the folds of lampshades. They can cause itchy and irritating bites to their hosts and can cause people to want to avoid staying in a hotel. This is why it is crucial any bed bug problem is brought under control as soon as possible. The longer the problem goes untreated, the larger the population of bed bugs will grow.

When a bed bug problem exists in a hotel, it is important a thorough Commercial Bed Bug Treatment is carried out. There is a couple of different options for treatment and each have their own positives and negatives. Heat is one of the fastest methods of ridding a property of bed bugs. The entire property will need to be treated with high levels of heat so the bugs, eggs and larvae are all destroyed.

There are also pesticides that can be used to kill bed bugs. This type of Commercial Bed Bug Treatment is done on a cycle schedule to coincide with the bed bug’s life cycle. Typically, the treatments are carried out every two weeks for a total of three treatments. This gives time for larvae and eggs to mature and be killed. This method normally costs less than the heating method.

If your business has a bed bug problem, it is not advisable you try to remove them yourself. Without a professional, it can be difficult and even impossible to remove bed bugs. Professional bed bug removers know the full life cycle and behaviors of bed bugs. This allows them to be better equipped to fight against infestations so they can be properly treated. This will help to ensure there is less chance of a re-infestation.

Bed bugs are a big problem and need to be taken care of carefully. Through a professional exterminating company, any type of business can be rid of these pests. If you are experiencing bed bugs in your business, contact AAA Exterminating right away. They will be happy to help you end your bed bug nightmares.

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