Hiring A Child Custody Lawyer In Jacksonville To Acquire Custody

Your Child custody lawyer in Jacksonville can explain the stipulations of custody types. For instance, joint custody presents the opportunity for both you and your former spouse to make decisions in relation to your child’s welfare. With this form of custody, the child will live with each parent for the same amount of time. In some cases, the child lives with one parent during the school year with the other during the summer. To discuss your case with a child custody attorney, contact the Eilert Law, PLLC.

Joint Custody

If you choose joint custody, you and your spouse will share custody of your children. You will both make decisions together in terms of doctors, school, and religion. This option allows you and your spouse to spend equal time with your children based on the visitation schedule you both agree on. However, in cases in which you and your spouse cannot agree on custody, it is probable that you will have to attend a hearing or trial during which the judge will render a decision based on the child’s best interests.

Local Custody Attorney

Eilert Law, PLLC present you with legal representation in your child custody case that follows the finalization of your divorce. These attorneys help you determine which option is most beneficial for you and your children. They will provide you with the facts and probable stipulations that the judge make apply to your child custody case. This includes requirements that you request to keep your children safe.


With the assistance of a Child custody lawyer in Jacksonville you receive a chance to fight for custody of your children. When you and your spouse are unable to come into an agreement about custody, a judge will make this determination during a trial or hearing. This decision is based on the welfare of the child in which the judge chooses based on testimony from both sides. During this hearing you have the right to address any risks that are presented by your former spouse.

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