Home Networking Services In Cape Girardeau MO And Getting The Best Wireless Solution

Although it’s true that people can choose wired home networks, most individuals are opting for wireless solutions for their homes. A wireless solution might only have the modem and router wired together. All other devices will use a wireless connection.

A Household’s Needs

When using Home Networking Services Cape Girardeau MO to install a wireless network, a person has to assess their requirements. At most, how many people will be using the network at once? What will users be accessing the network for? If there are multiple people in the household who play video games and stream movies, there has to be a network that can support all of that bandwidth. If the equipment can’t handle the load, connections will keep dropping. After a while, that can be frustrating and the network will have to be redone with better equipment.

Planning Ahead

Installing a quality network in a home means planning ahead. Will the network meet the needs of the home in a year or two? For example, a person who is planning to create a smart home will want a wireless network that can handle all of the devices that will be added over the years. If they plan on adding a pool in the yard in the future, a homeowner will want a network that produces enough strength so they can use wireless devices around it. When a person is home and outside, their smart phone can use the home’s network instead of the carrier’s bandwidth if the network produces a strong enough signal.


Using Home Networking Services Cape Girardeau MO to install a wireless network is just one part of having this type of connectivity in a home. An important part of having a home network is securing it. A unique password should be made for the network so that unauthorized users can’t access it. The longer the password, the better for security. It should be a mix of case-sensitive letters, symbols, and numbers. A password containing 10 characters is a lot harder to crack than one containing seven.

Anyone who needs help with planning or installing a network can contact a company like Bates Electric Inc for help.

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