Hoping To Find Antique Masonic College Rings For Sale

Freemasons are one of the most respected fraternal organizations in the world. Traditionally, the organization has been the subject of rampant speculation. Primarily, because most of the order’s rituals and ceremonies are held in secret. Another rumor speculates that the organization is made up of the most powerful men in the world. Further, the organization controls most of what goes on in society.

None of the rumors have ever been proven. That’s because Freemasons are a charitable, fraternal organization. Most people have family members who are members of a Masonic Lodge. Find a store with Good Antique Masonic College Rings For Sale because they make great gifts. Freemasons follow three principles:

*    brotherly love-show respect and tolerance for others

*    relief-practice charity and care within the organization and without

*    truth-members are held to high moral standards

Frequently, Freemasons show their pride by wearing masonic symbols. J. Jenkins Sons Co. offers Antique Masonic College Rings For Sale. Traditional masonic symbols include the Letter “G,” the masonic eye and the square and compass.

History speculates that Freemasonry stems from the people who built the ancient pyramids in Egypt. There is also a legend that Freemasons built the Temple at Jerusalem for King Solomon. However, no one really knows enough about early masons to document their history. Masonic historians agree that Freemasonry started with stone masons in the middle ages. Another point of agreement is that four existing lodges joined together in 1717, forming the first Grand Lodge of England. The organization spread to the new world and many of America’s founding fathers were Freemasons. Freemasons are divided into grand lodges by geographical area. In turn, the grand lodges are divided into smaller lodges that cover cities and counties. Any man over 18, who believes in God as the Supreme being over the Universe, is eligible to join. The organization is not just open to Christians, other religions like Judaism, Islam and Buddhism are welcome. The next time you see Antique Masonic College Rings for Sale, buy one for your favorite Freemason. The organization deserves respect largely because of the amount of charity work it does for others. For more detail information visit J. Jenkins Sons Company.

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