House Cleaning Services in Sicklerville, NJ Debunk Kitchen Myths

People spend hours inside their kitchen each day prepping food and cooking meals. With all the work inside the kitchen, cross-contamination is a real problem, so it is easy to understand why everybody wants their kitchen to be clean. Here are some of the most prominent kitchen cleaning myths debunked by house cleaning services in Sicklerville, NJ.

Stainless Steel Can Be Cleaned With Polish

You are being misled by the bottles of stainless steel cleaner and polish. Technically, the product can be legally referred to as a cleaner since its oils lubricate some particles. Still, it lacks any detergents or disinfectants that would eliminate dirt and germs. Even worse, many of these solutions’ polymers and waxes produce a coating that holds whatever dirt you have not yet cleaned.

Accumulated oily filth facilitates your device’s adhesion of fresh dirt and microorganisms. House cleaning services in Sicklerville, NJ, recommend cleaning before you polish. It’s crucial to use a high-quality, disinfecting, all-purpose cleanser that is safe for stainless steel, especially for kitchen equipment that you frequently handle with grubby, raw-meaty hands.

Cabinets Only Need to be Cleaned Occasionally

Since nothing could be farther from the truth, we are baffled about how this myth became widespread. The handles on your cabinets are some of the most used and overlooked surfaces in your kitchen. In addition to viruses, steam from your cooktop also transports food particles and oils, gradually covering all nearby cabinets in a thin film of sticky dirt.

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