House Painters in Freehold, NJ Can Show You How to Keep Your Paintwork Fresh

by | Nov 10, 2017 | Painter

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If you have your house painted, you need to wait to clean the interior walls, as it will cause damage, which will lead to repainting. Newly painted walls should not be washed until a month after application. This ensures that the paint has cured sufficiently. Test the cleaning method you plan to use in an inconspicuous spot to make sure it does nothing to modify the surface.

How to Remove a Stubborn Stain

After the paint has cured, house painters in Freehold, NJ recommend that the surface is cleaned regularly. Homeowners should also respond quickly to stains. To get rid of a severe stain, use water on a clean cloth or non-abrasive sponge to remove it. Never saturate the fabric as it can lead to streaking. If this approach does not work, mix the water with mild dishwashing liquid to remove the stain.

House painters add that stains that are more stubborn may need more than water and dishwashing liquid. In this case, use the detergent directly on the stain. Again, do not vigorously rub the stain or use any abrasive material. Doing so can damage the finish. While you may get rid of the stain, you will also remove some of the surface paint.

Be Careful about Creating Marks

House painters note that any marks or scuffs you make will attract more dirt and grime, which will leave the finish looking even worse. To achieve a balanced look, you need to dry the surface with a soft cloth that is free of lint.

Whether you are cleaning interior ceilings and walls or inside doors and trims, the same rules apply. Timely maintenance protects your interior and saves you on the costs related to additional painting. Make sure your surfaces are professionally painted by a contractor who understands both maintenance solutions and painting first-hand. Companies, such as J.A. Painting & Decorations, LLC can assist you in all your internal and external painting needs.

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