How a Chiropractor Can Help Relieve Your Back Pain in Palm Coast, Florida

Are you suffering from back pain? Whether you have already tried everything, or you just want to avoid medications and surgery, chiropractic treatment can help. Here are three ways a back pain chiropractor in Palm Coast can help relieve your aching back.

Determines the Cause of Back Pain

The first thing your chiropractor will do is figure out the cause of your pain and develop a treatment plan. This may involve a physical examination, laboratory tests and imaging like X-rays.

Provides Adjustments to Relieve Pain

If your back pain chiropractor in Palm Coast determines that chiropractic adjustments are appropriate for you, they will treat your pain by manipulating your spine to relieve pressure on the nerves that are causing your pain. You may be cured in one session, or you may have to come back regularly to manage your pain.

Reduces Reliance on Medications

One of the biggest benefits of chiropractic care for pain management is that it reduces the need for medications that can have side effects. Chiropractic treatment is a great solution for people who have serious side effects, are worried about becoming addicted or don’t find adequate relief from pain medication.

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