How a Wrongful Death Lawyer in Olympia WA Can Help

No human being can evade death, but the manner in which it occurs is of great concern to many. When someone dies, the members of the family and society have a responsibility to investigate whether the death has come naturally or wrongfully. Death can be termed wrongful if someone dies out of negligence, wrongful acts and willful acts of someone else.

A Wrongful Death Lawyer in Olympia WA can help you file claims against a nursing home, the public company, school, private hospital, state or prison that was responsible for the death of your loved one. It is good to note that different states and countries have different ways in which they categorize suitability of filing wrongful death claims. Some states only allow children or couples to file such claims while others countries allow grandparents and parents to do so.

It is important to know that the wrongful death claims will require you to declare whether:

1. There are surviving dependents, beneficiaries, children or spouses

2. The death of the victim has caused monetary damages and to what extent

3. The defendant was strictly liable or negligent for the death of the victim

4. The conduct of the defendant partly or wholly caused the death of the victim

The main obligation of the Wrongful Death Lawyer in Olympia WA in the wrongful death case is to obtain damages for the family of the deceased person for compensation purposes. Some of the damages that the wrongful attorneys look for on the behalf of the bereaved family include:

1. Loss of companionship, protection and care to the survivors

2. Loss of inheritance that the ultimate death causes

3. Mental anguish, suffering and pain to the survivors

4. Punitive damages

5. Loss of benefits such as medical coverage and pension that the death of the victim has caused

6. General damages

7. Immediate funeral and medical expenses that associate with the death

8. Loss of the expected earnings of the dead victim in the future

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