How an Auto Accident Defense Attorney May Use the Doctrine of Negligent Maintenance

by | Aug 9, 2018 | Lawyers and Law Firms

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While auto accidents have numerous cases, lack of maintenance isn’t discussed as often as it should be. Poor maintenance is, in many cases, an underlying cause of an accident. For example, if a rear-end crash occurs because the at-fault driver didn’t apply the brakes, it could be because the brakes didn’t work properly. How does this factor come into play when dealing with an Auto Accident Defense Attorney who is seeking damages from the negligent party? The answer to that question and others is below.

Prior Knowledge of the Problem

One of the easiest ways to use insufficient maintenance in auto accident litigation is to prove that the at-fault driver was aware of the issue. For instance, if a collision occurs as mentioned above, it may be proven that the driver knew about the condition of his or her brakes and did nothing about it. If the at-fault party knew about their brake problems and failed to correct them, there may be a case for negligent maintenance.

Tire Troubles

Low-quality or worn-out tires may cause accidents when they fail or overheat due to under inflation. The risk increases substantially in high-speed driving and in hot weather. Worn-out tires may cause accidents when they don’t provide the traction they should. Without sufficient traction, a vehicle may become nearly impossible to steer.

Loosened Lug Nuts

Lug nuts keep the wheels on the vehicle. If these nuts are not sufficiently tightened, they may come loose, causing the wheel to fall off during use. Lug nuts shouldn’t be tightened while the vehicle is on the ground, as the wheels are then bearing the vehicle’s full weight.

Commercial Vehicle Accidents

For an Auto Accident Defence Attorney, there are many cases involving commercial trucks and other vehicles. In these legal matters, the company owner may be held liable along with the driver because they did not perform maintenance or take steps to fix certain issues.

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