How an Endodontist Can Help Save a Tooth with a Deep Infection

When a person suffers from a deep bacterial infection within a tooth, it can cause them excruciating pain that is unbearable to live with. Facial swelling, difficulty eating, and trouble speaking are just a few problems a person may experience when the root of a tooth is infected and left untreated. To help alleviate the discomfort and save the tooth from experiencing further damage, Park Ridge endodontics can perform a root canal to remove the pulp. Most people cringe at the thought of a root canal; however, the benefits of the procedure outweigh the effects of not treating the infected tooth.

How the Procedure is Completed

Under local anesthesia, Park Ridge endodontics will make an incision that will allow the dentist to remove the infected root. Once the pulp is removed, the endodontist will thoroughly clean the area to ensure all the bacteria has been eliminated before sealing off the tooth. This process will help save the patient’s tooth and ease the pain they are experiencing from the infected root. In addition to performing root canals, an endodontist performs other microsurgeries to correct dental problems that are caused by the root of a tooth.

Find the Source of Your Oral Pain with a Skilled Endodontist

When it comes to the nerves attached to the root a tooth, it can be difficult to tract the source of a problem. Endodontists at Awesome Dentistry have the training and experience required to help find the core dental problem a person is experiencing. With the various solutions they can provide, you do not have to live with the discomfort when they can help find the source of your problem and remedy the issue using the latest technology and techniques used in the dental industry. Follow us on google+.

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