How Auto Injury Attorneys In Fayette County PA Deal With Automobile Accidents Involving Children

by | Jan 13, 2015 | Law Services

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Children are one of the major victims of automobile accidents especially in areas where they play and schools. Speeding motorists and drivers usually injure or run over children in spots where such children cross the road often. This happens to drivers who do not follow road driving instructions and those who drive while drunk.

What responsibility do drivers have in preventing injuries to children?

Drivers should ensure that they do not cause unreasonable risks of injuries or harm to children. They should be especially cautious in areas where children are often found. The driver or the motorist should be able to calculate the probability of causing injuries to children. When the driver anticipates risks of causing an accident, they should come up with steps that prevent the accident from occurring.

In what circumstances do children suffer injuries on the road?

You need to know that children are greatly curious about everything, and they do not appreciate the many dangers they may come across on the roads. They respond to impulses quickly and may even run after pets and stray balls on the road. Most Auto Injury Attorneys Fayette County PA hold that young children in curious circumstances cannot control themselves on the roads and can easily be struck by passing automobiles.

Care tips that drivers should exercise to prevent children injuries

Drivers should ensure they practice maximum care to avoid injuries especially to playful children on the road crossing spots. While driving, drivers should reduce speed, alert using warning sounds or stop in case of an accident risk. They should also be ready to take evasive actions and maintain proper control where needed.

How can the defense help drivers who cause children injuries on the roads?

According to the comparative negligence law, the driver’s liability may reduce in great proportions if it is evident that the injured child contributed to their faults. The Auto Injury Attorneys Fayette County PA may help the driver argue that the accident happened in unavoidable circumstances as spelled under the emergency doctrine.

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