How Can Joint Pain Be Treated? Find Joint Pain Relief in San Diego, CA

It is no secret that joint pain can disrupt your daily activities, from working and household chores to simply sitting in a chair. Unfortunately, you may be to the point of wondering, “How can joint pain be treated?” It may be time to talk to your doctor about possible treatments for your ailment.

How Can Joint Pain Be Treated?

Physical Therapy

Your doctor may recommend physical therapy to help reduce pain and increase flexibility and mobility. Physical therapy usually includes stretches, low-impact exercises, and electrical stimulation. Your physical therapist may also give you a list of exercises to try at home.

Regenerative Therapy

When looking for joint pain relief in San Diego, CA, you may find regenerative therapy to be the right treatment for you. Some pain clinics offer minimally invasive procedures and supplements to restore your joints’ cartilage and help your body naturally heal.

Home Remedies

Your practitioner or doctor may recommend home remedies to help relieve your joint pain. These remedies may include over-the-counter pain relievers, a warm bath, a heating pad, and resting the target area.

Surgical Procedure

While pain clinics can be used as an alternative to surgical procedures, there are cases when surgery is required for joint pain. After an evaluation at a pain clinic, your practitioner may recommend speaking to your doctor if non-surgical treatments are not right for you.

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