How Chiropractor Care in Sullivan County NY Can Help With Back Pain

Most patients that seek Chiropractor care in Sullivan County NY are people with pain in their lower back. These pains usually started many years ago and progressed over time. Patients have gone through all the x-rays, examinations and therapies, hearing several times that they will have to learn to live with the complaints. Many doctors will say there is no visible reason for the pain and you should learn to live with it. An important point to remember is that you should never have to ‘live with the complaints’.

Finding the cause of back problems is a difficult thing, but it’s not impossible. Even though your back hurts, the cause of the pain may be located in a completely different part of the body such as the hips, knees or feet. Furthermore, the method of diagnosis is usually unilateral. X-rays and photos are used. This only shows the anatomical structures and faults of the body.

Extensive research states that 70% of people who received anti-inflammatory injections in the SI joints and joints of the back, had complaints in the spine because of inflammation in some joints. If doctors injected an anti-inflammatory in the CAUSE of pain, the pain would DISAPPEAR. This way of diagnosing unfortunately is never used in general hospitals. This is a shame, because this type of common inflammation is not visible on X-ray.

Chiropractic techniques have been developed, especially when it comes to pain research. Doctors want to find out what causes pain in the SI joints and the joints of the spine. This is because these are the two causes of back pain that can be treated with Chiropractor care in Sullivan County NY. There are also several problems with posture, hip and asymmetry that can cause pain and complaints. If the cause of back pain is in two places back, surely you do not need to ‘learn’ to live with the pain.

Scientific evidence shows that the cause of chronic back pain is in the joints or with intervertebral discs. When these joints become inflamed, the pain continues. Chiropractic manipulation of the joints are vital, especially with the joints of the back, the intervertebral discs and joint capsules. These manipulations cross adhesions so inflammation can recover. Only a chiropractic professional can address these problems.

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