How Do Portable Hand Washing Stations Work?

by | May 11, 2016 | Plumbing and Plumbers

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Portable hand washing sinks and stations are the perfect method of deterring germs upon remote jobsites as plumbing isn’t available.  The capability of bringing a portable hand wash to your work space will save time and will lessen the threat of illness and disease to the workplace.  The convenience of the portable hand wash will be regarded today as a deterrent from the dangerous bacteria which we confront these days like MRSA and additional resistant bacteria strains.

The Ideal Choice for Most Workplaces

They’re perfect for the military, construction businesses that have workers out in the field, for sports teams, as well as for all industries which have a necessity to wash dangerous bacteria or chemicals from their employee’s hands.  The models are available in a number of styles to fit the environment, as well as necessities of your business. Also, heated portable models are an option to utilize as temperatures head below freezing.

How a Portable Hand Washing Station Works

Just fill its Fresh Water Tank using clean water then plug the electric cord in. As you turn on the faucet handle its pump will force cold or hot water through its faucet. Unused water inside the sink will drain in its waste water tank.

Huge Selection and Excellent Prices for Your Budget

Monsam carries a massive array of portable hand wash stations, which include multiple and single use sinks, heated models and hand sanitizers.  Allow us to help you pick the best model for your organization’s needs.   Contact us toll free at 800 513-8562, email us at

For more information on our Portable Hand Washing Stations contact Monsam Enterprises Inc. today at 800 513-8562.

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