How Do You Mentally Prepare Yourself for Bariatric Surgery in El Paso?

While a physical can indicate to your doctor that your body is prepared for bariatric surgery in El Paso, it doesn’t help you prepare mentally. Your mental health is just as important as your physical health in this case. Below, find some top tips to help you mentally prepare for the day of surgery, so you are ready to get the surgery finished, recover and get started on your new lease on life.

Be Realistic

One of the first things you need to do is be realistic with your expectations about the outcome of your bariatric surgery in El Paso. You aren’t going to wake up thin after your surgery. It is highly possible you might leave the hospital with a higher weight than before the surgery. This is because of accumulated fluid which you lose. Expect not to see results for a period of time after the surgery itself.

Don’t Try to Do This Alone

You may think it’s possible to go into this type of surgery alone, but you really need physical and emotional support in the days leading up to and after your surgery. Get the support you need from not only your primary health care provider, but from friends and family as well.

Do Your Research

Never go into any type of surgery without first doing your research on the surgery, the before care and the aftercare. The best way to prepare for your surgery is by watching seminars online about bariatric surgery, joining a support group and getting with your doctor to get started on a medical weight loss program that will work for you.

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