How Elk Grove Village Residents Can Benefit from Sleep Apnea Dentistry

When a person has sleep apnea, they stop breathing while they are sleeping. The time that they stop breathing varies. It could be for just a few seconds or as long as a minute or more. This is a result of the muscles in the back of the throat relaxing too much. Those who deal with this issue can benefit from sleep apnea dentistry in Elk Grove Village.

When a person visits a dentist to get help with sleep apnea, they will be given a customized mouthguard. The device will push the person’s lower jaw forward, which means the airway will be held in the correct position. It also keeps the tongue in the right position, preventing it from falling into the airway.

Sleep apnea dentistry in Elk Grove Village treatment will help a person breathe better when they sleep at night. It allows their brain to receive the right amount of oxygen and can prevent snoring.

When a person has sleep apnea, the quality of their sleep is low. Because they wake up multiple times throughout the night, they have a low quality of life during the day because of drowsiness and fatigue. After getting a mouthguard to keep the airway open, most people have more energy during the day. They also have more mental clarity, which leads to improved cognitive responses and better decision-making.

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