How Family Dentistry in Ft. Myers FL Has Improved Over the Years

Visiting the dentist is nothing like it used to be several decades ago. Many innovations in dental care have improved the types of services provided by dentist. There are many ways in which Family Dentistry in Ft. Myers FL has changed for the better in recent years.

Digital X-Rays

Many people used to refuse dental x-rays because of unwanted radiation exposure. Technology has greatly improved, and dentists are now able to take much needed x-rays without exposing their patients to large amounts of radiation. This is all thanks to digital x-rays.

When compared to film-based imaging, radiation exposure is up to 90 percent less with digital technology. Digital x-rays are even deemed safe during pregnancy. Patients are still covered with a lead apron, protecting them from the very small amounts of radiation that are emitted.

Composite Fillings

Just a few decades ago, all cavities were filled with a dark metal, known as amalgam. While it is still considered a safe and effective way to fill teeth, many patients are turned off by the appearance of amalgam fillings. Amalgam also contains trace amounts of mercury, which some believe leaks into the bloodstream.

Composite fillings are one of the most popular advancements in Family Dentistry in Ft. Myers FL. Unlike amalgam, composite fillings blend in almost seamlessly with natural teeth. This material doesn’t last as long, but most patients are willing to trade a shorter lifespan for more aesthetically pleasing results.

Dental Implants

It wasn’t very long ago when patients with missing teeth were only offered dentures or bridges. Today, however, dental implants are taking the industry by storm. Instead of wearing removable false teeth, patients are now opting for permanently attached implants.

Patients choosing dental implants must undergo oral surgery in order to place the implant post into the jaw bone. After a long healing period, often 3-6 months, the post will be completely bonded to the bone. A final ceramic crown is then situated on top of the post.

The world of dentistry is constantly evolving. New innovations and advancements in technology have vastly improved dental procedures in a relatively short time frame. Visit to learn about other dental procedures that are still considered new to the market.

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