How Hand Dryers Help the Environment

by | Jun 4, 2018 | Construction and Maintenance

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Although the invention of the hand dryer has been relatively recent in history, they have taken over in public restrooms everywhere. It may be very rare to see a public restroom that doesn’t have an air hand dryer in it today. There could be many potential benefits to this invention, but one that many choose to focus on is how it helps the environment.

The first way that having dryers instead of paper towels can help the environment is that it could save more trees. With fewer paper towels being used, there could be less reason to cut down trees to create more towels. Depending on your age, you may have remembered a time before hand dryers when you were younger and were taught to recite, “1, 2, 3, save a tree” when dispensing paper towels so that you wouldn’t take too many.

Another potential environmental benefit for the air hand dryer is that there could be less paper waste in landfills due to paper towel use in public restrooms. This could help lower pollution as well as prevent stray pieces of paper towel from straying off and getting ingested by an animal that mistakes it for something else. What paper towels are still used may be recycled into more paper towels or something else, further saving the environment.

These dryers aren’t only beneficial for the environment, either. They can also be beneficial to humans because they can be more sanitary. This can especially be said of the automatic ones, where nobody will have to touch them with wet hands.

There are plenty of reasons that the air hand dryer can help the environment as well as the people in it. If you see a public restroom that has not upgraded to efficient hand dryers and still uses paper towels, you could contact someone in charge and fight for dryers to be installed. Visit for more details.

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