How Home Care in Frederick, MD, Supports Heart Health

Heart disease is still the leading cause of death in the U.S., killing 85.6 million people each year. That’s more than all types of cancer put together. It’s the main reason why people become disabled, can’t do as much, and have a lower quality of life. Managing this situation might mean getting help with daily tasks. Having people to talk to about your food and exercise can help you do what’s best for your heart.

Home care in Frederick, MD, can be an important part of your care in several ways.

Medication Reminders

Capital City Nurses and other places like them can call or visit to tell people to take their medications as often as needed. Adhering to medications increases quality of life and lowers the number of emergency room trips that aren’t necessary.

Discharge Support

When clients come home from the hospital or a short-term nursing facility, they need extra help. Home care services can pick up the client when they get released from the hospital, get them any prescriptions, run chores, clean the house, and cook meals, making moving back home easier. They can even help with therapy visits and follow-up sessions.

Wellness Check-ins

Well-being calls from places that offer home care in Frederick, MD, are a regular, direct way to check in with people and make sure they have what they need and are being helped. These can be as simple as a call to say hello and check in or as serious as reminding them to take their medicine, stay hydrated, eat well, and keep their appointments.

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