How Laughter can Persuade Groups Effectively

by | Feb 13, 2015 | Education

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A Laughter Speaker Chicago, IL groups and companies hire provides a very valuable service. The power of humor can be a key tool in persuading people to see your point of view. Here are just a few reasons laughter can be used to persuade and engage people in business.

In order to persuade people they have to feel an element of trust. Laughing between people helps to lower boundaries and bring people closer together. When humor is used it creates a sense of intimacy even in larger groups. People feel more comfortable with each other as well as the person who is making them laugh.

Once trust is built it is easier for the speaker or leader to begin to direct people along the route you wish to lead them. They will be more open to what has to be said and be listening more intently due to the bond you have formed with them using humor. They will also be anticipating further insight and humorous observation which will keep them more engaged in what you are saying.

Humor is the great ice breaker and is the quickest way to set people at ease. It is irresistible to most people and people tend to be drawn to those with a good sense of humor. When trying to get people to see your point of view rambling on and on about what you want does nothing more than shut their minds down. Humor has the completely opposite effect and opens minds, reducing objections and resistance to what you have to say. This makes it harder for people to reject your notions and to say no to your requests.

Humor sets people at ease which allows them to process information more easily. When people are tense their minds work more slowly and find it more difficult to make decisions. When someone is at ease they learn more quickly and are more likely to see the opportunities you are presenting.

When trying to persuade or sell something it is a natural response for many people to object or reject ideas. This is because they have an instinct that makes them feel they are being taken advantage of. When you use humor you alert their senses and allow them to feel more familiar with you. This allows them to lower defences and be more open to suggestion.

A laughter speaker Chicago, IL listens to is better able to persuade people and bring them onside using humor to build trust.

If you are looking for a laughter speaker Chicago, IL businesses hire visit to find the best in the business. Doug Dvorak is a clean corporate humorist with the ability to use laughter to convey your core business objectives and motivate your employees.

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