How Paralegals Assist Lawyers

If you’re getting litigation support in DC, you’re not only receiving help from the lawyer but also from the paralegal who works at the firm. Paralegals assist lawyers in a variety of ways. Paralegals do the bulk of the research for the lawyers and this gives the lawyers more time to handle other affairs with their clients during the day. Paralegals also write numerous reports and they may interview the plaintiff and potential witnesses for the case. Paralegals work on subpoenas for the lawyers and they keep important documents organized and up to date.

Reviewing Medical Records And Income Information

The paralegal also helps the lawyer with litigation support for his clients by reviewing clients’ medical information and income information as it relates to the cases that the lawyer is working on. This saves the lawyer time and it could also save the clients money on lawyers’ fees. The paralegal may also ask the clients questions regarding the information in the lawyer’s absence in the event he is out the office.

Interviewing Witnesses

There are paralegals who offer litigation support in DC to lawyers by interviewing witnesses and gathering important information that would help the clients win their cases. The paralegals would then record notes from witnesses and organize them in such a way that the lawyer can quickly refer to when he prepares for hearings with his clients.

Performs Investigations

At times the paralegal would also assist those involved in the case with doing investigations to determine the details of the case from both the plaintiff and defendant. The paralegal would also follow the lawyer’s leads and talk with clients, law enforcement officers, doctors and at times employers.

Paralegals play an important role in litigation support at law firms and the above mentioned duties ultimately benefit the clients in the form of reduced fees for the lawyer’s services. Paralegals often counsel clients on preparing certain forms during the lawsuit and the paralegals work with the lawyers to ensure that the case is solved quickly. Paralegals work mostly during the day although several work at night in order to complete tasks regarding the cases. When you walk in the lawyer’s office it is usually the paralegal that greets you. Paralegals must pay attention to details as they work and they need to have strong research and communication skills. Finally, paralegals must have a pleasant attitude with the people they serve.

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