How Resin Countertops Are Made

A countertop is also called a benchtop or even just a counter and is a horizontal work surface that is typically built to facilitate a person to do a job – like cooking in the kitchen, or to complete DIY jobs in the garage.

Consequently, resin countertops are solid surface countertops used in the laboratory, bathroom or kitchen and are not only durable, but also add to the aesthetics of the environment they are installed in. They come in different styles and in a variety of attractive colors.

The Curing Process

Resin countertops are made of three types of resin – polyester, epoxy or acrylic resin. The base countertop can be natural stone, wood, or even glass. They are cut as needed, from bigger pieces called “blanks” and can be customized to fit unique or unusual countertop shapes as per customer specifications. The epoxy can be completely colored or slightly tinted to reflect the look desired by the customer. Generally, polyester resin is believed to be of lower quality when compared to acrylic resin.

The resin (a viscous liquid) and the curing agent (a liquid or a quick melting solid) are combined using a catalyst and heat is then applied. The resin reacts with the curing agent to release additional heat in the process. Linear chains of the combined resin and curing agent are now created in a liquid form. With time, the heat and added catalyst facilitate further reaction, the material now changes from a viscous liquid to a gel that is solid and has strength on its own. The material is then put into a cure oven and processed at length to cross-link the individual molecules and this results in a chemically resistant and strong material.

Resin countertops that are cut from the “blanks” are then cured with the resin type material that is desired for the final look of the countertop. This process normally takes 24 hours or more.

Your Countertop Retailer

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