How Should You Care For Your Air Conditioning in Sumner WA?

Homeowners who properly care for their air conditioner are able to, not only prolong its lifespan but also save money on energy costs each year. When an air conditioner is not properly maintained, owners will experience frequent repair issues and an eventual full breakdown. Aside from having the professionals come out for seasonal maintenance of air conditioning in Sumner WA, owners need to make sure they follow these steps to keep their air conditioner working at its best.

* When a homeowner reads their owner’s manual, they will quickly realize changing the filter is clearly stressed as being very important. When filters are clogged, the unit cannot breathe as it should. Clogs will eventually cause the system to break down. Changing the filter at least once a month will go a long way towards keeping an air conditioner operating properly.

* Most air conditioning units feature an evaporation tray that allows water to be removed from the air. This tray also features a drain hole. The drain hole can sometimes become clogged with mold and mildew that can lead to water overflow. Keeping this tray and drain clean is vital. The drain and tray can both be cleaned with a small amount of bleach to keep things flowing properly.

* The fins on the outside unit can sometimes become bent, causing a lack of air flow. There are special tools that can be used to straighten these fins so they are fully open. It is a wise idea to check the fins on a regular basis to ensure they are not bent in any way.

* The area around the outside unit should never be clogged with grass and weed overgrowth. Ideally, all bushes and plants should be kept at least two feet from the unit so air can properly flow.

If these steps are followed, a homeowner can keep their air conditioning unit working properly. These tasks should be carried out once a month for air conditioning in Sumner WA. It is also wise for a person to seek the professionals so their system can be inspected before the hot weather comes in. With these yearly maintenance inspections, systems can stay working properly.

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